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AACS Archives
Updated: 4 February 2009

History of the Society
History of the AACS - detailed history of the Society, courtesy of Joseph Pandl
AACS Past Officers and Chairs - list of past AACS officers, chairpersons, support staff
Because the history of the AACS is so intertwined with the history of the Austrian Nationality Room, see also:
History of the Austrian Room. - as printed in Austrian Room Dedication booklet, June 9, 1996
People Who Created the Austrian Room - as printed in Austrian Room Dedication booklet, June 9, 1996

Past AACS Newsletters
AACS Newsletter - Quarter 2, 2006 - March 15, 2006 - April 20, 2006
AACS Newsletter - Quarter 1, 2006 - January, February, March 2006
AACS Newsletter - Quarter 4, 2005 - October, November, December 2005
AACS Newsletter - Quarter 3, 2005 - July, August, September 2005

Past AACS Notices
AACS 2007 Scholarship Recipients report.
AACS 2005 Membership Meeting - Presentation by the Honorable Edgar Braun, Honorary Consul of the Republic of Austria

In Memoriam
In Memoriam - Dolores Stehr and Silvia Hayes ~~ Click here for more information.

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Acknowledgments and Credits:
History of the Austrian Room and People Who Created the Austrian Room: Excerpted from the Austrian Nationality Classroom dedication booklet (June 9, 1996) compiled and edited by E. Maxine Bruhns, Joseph Novak M.D., Joseph E. Pandl, and Dolores Stehr.