2004 Trip to Austria - Photos
July 27, 2004 to August 9, 2004

Be sure to read the full trip report .

Slide Show - VIENNA (Part 1) - thumbnails for slower connections
- Belvedere Palace and Gardens
- Riesenrad, one of the tallest ferris wheels in the world; scenes from the movie THE THIRD MAN were filmed in one of the cabs; each cab can hold up to 30 people
- Hundertwasserhaus
- Stefansdom
- Karlskirche
- Schönbrunn Palace and grounds
- Boat Ride on the Donau Kanal (start)

Slide Show - VIENNA (Part 2) - thumbnails
- Boat Ride on the Donau Kanal
- Passage through the lock into the Donau
- Trash incinerator, designed by Hundertwasser; here the trash from the city of Vienna is incinerated, and the heat energy is used
- Blau Donau
- Musikverein

Slide Show - ABTENAU - thumbnails
- On the road to Abtenau
- Admont Abbey and Library
- Hunting lodge of Kaiser Franz Josef
- Bad Ischl
- St. Wolfgang and Boat ride on the lake
- Postalm mountain road
- Abtenau
- Altausee salt mine
- St. Barbara (patroness of miners) chapel
- Room where art works from Kunsthistoriches Museum and Schönbrunn Palace were stored during WWII to keep them from falling into Hitler’s hands; the shelving is perfectly preserved today, as the temperature and humidity in the mine are conducive to preservation
- Hallstatt

Slide Show - SALZBURG - thumbnails
- On the road to Salzburg
- Mirabell Gardens
- McDonald's on theGetreidegasse
- Salzburg Festival Theaters
- Outdoor theater where the Edelweiss scene from THE SOUND OF MUSIC was filmed
- Cemetery where the escape scene from THE SOUND OF MUSIC was filmed

Slide Show - KAPRUN - thumbnails
- On the road to Kaprun
- Trip to the mountain top, where 2 dams created artificial lakes from the melting snow and glacier. The water is piped down, inside the mountains, to the power plant below in Kaprun and is used to generate three-fourths of Austria’s electric power needs. At night, when the electricity demand is low, the water is piped back up through the mountain, to be used again. Note the inside of one of the dams.
- Leaving the mountain lakes
- Ride on the Zillertalbahn, and scenery from train; note hang gliders
- Bad Gastein
- Kaprun
- Kitzbühel

Slide Show - GROSSGLOCKNER - thumbnails
- On the road to the Grossglockner
- Grossglockner and its glacier
- Leaving Grossglockner
- Grossglockner snow plow
- Heiligen Blut

Slide Show - GRAZ - thumbnails

Slide Show - CHURCHES - thumbnails

Slide Show - CEMETERIES - thumbnails

Slide Show - MISC. TOUR GROUP PHOTOS - thumbnails
- Flughafen Wien (airport)
- Belvedere Palace
- Scönbrunn Palace
- Reisenrad ferris wheel
- Blau Donau
- Vienna Musikverein
- Semmering Pass
- St. Wolfgang
- Postalm
- Altausee

All Photos courtesy of Sister Mary Traupman

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