(The following is excerpted from Pittsburgh, PA Tribune-Review , Monday, April 11, 2005):

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Debutantes - 2005 Austrian Ball


Refrains of the "Blue Danube" filled the Grand Hall of the Priory as eight debs in miles of white satin performed an intricate series of waltzes and a polonaise across the ballroom floor on the arms of their white-tied escorts at Saturday's elegant Austrian Ball, to benefit Pitt's Austrian Room Scholarship Endowment Fund. Bowing in were Keri Allen, Stefanie Elm, Emma Guinipero, Amy Jones, Sara McNally, Christina Rosati, Carolyn Shields and Julie Stampfle.

Whirling beneath the wingspan of the Hapsburg eagle flag, which has faced east and west since 996 A.D., were 230 black-ties including Gina and Edgar Braun, Pittsburgh's honorary consul of the Republic of Austria; Dena and Heino Coelle; Anna and Rudy Kresh; Dr. Marianne and Anton Bouvier; Sister Mary Traupman; Heidi and Dr. Joseph Novak; Elisabeth and Georg Mandl; Betty McDermott; Helen Semethy; Christel and Cornelius Van Maurik; Franz Stehr; and Wilhelm Dorfner in lederhosen.