AACS Welcomes Maestro Manfred Honeck
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Photo 001:
~ ~ Manfred Honeck walking toward the Cathedral of Learning, with Rachelle Roe, Director of Public Affairs for the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, and Nicole Cerrillas, Director of Media Relations for the PSO.

Photos 002-048:
~ ~ program in the Austrian Room welcoming Austrian Manfred Honeck, the new music director of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, who assumes his new post in the fall of 2008. Vice President Betty McDermott gave a history of the Society and the room. Sister Mary Traupman, past president, presented Maestro Honeck with a resolution, conferring on him honorary membership.

Maxine Bruhns gave the history of the room, and played the taped commentary on the room. Architect Gunther Kaier, Artist Celeste Parrendo and Past President, Robert Tate, gave comments also.

Maestro Honeck then responded thanking all for the very warm welcome. He spoke of how pleased he was with the resolution and how he would keep it close to him, where he could see it.

Later a luncheon, organized by Board Member Jackie Dorfner, was served in the Croghan Schenley Room.

Photos 049-075:
~ ~ Luncheon was then served in the Croghan Schenley room on the first floor. The invocation was given in German by our oldest founding member, Agnes Gerger. Anne-Carol Tawoda presented the Maestro with yet another honor of welcome. She announced a 2009 Austrian Room scholarship would be given in honor of Manfred Honeck.

Pictures show Maestro Manfred Honeck, Society members, and guests, including Maxine Bruhns, Director of the Nationality Rooms program, Rachelle Roe, and Nicole Cerrillas from the Pittsburgh Symphony, and Michael Bartley, producer of On-Q (WQED-TV) and cameraman Frank Caloiero.